Friday, May 25, 2012

Yellow pages for Facebook

You are welcome to check out a new version of our mashup Places from Facebook.

Lets you search for places, show them on the map, see additional info in Google and Bing, copy locations to mobile, see friends activity, check-in anywhere as well as prepare mobile web pages for customized check-ins.

You can directly pass the following parameters to the basic URL:

lat - latitude
lng - longitude
q - query for search

For example, Facebook in London

For customized check-in place owner (or advertising/marketing agency, for example) can define all the aspects of check-in - data to be posted on user's wall, data to be returned as a confirmation, Google Analytics code for stats monitoring etc. This version provides own analytics for check-ins too. And of course you still can use Facebook’s dashboard for places pages - mashup creates standard check-ins for Facebook.

In other words – any small business can create public (or private) "Foursquare-like" system for own visitors. Using all the power of Facebook’s user base.

Also this version supports the newest API from Facebook - geocoded postings. Now you can write reviews for Places.

P.S. And here you can mobile version for this mashup.

P.P.S. See also QRpon – customized check-ins for Facebook

P.P.P.S. and here you can see Places from Google for the same area.

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