Monday, May 21, 2012

Geo Messages for Facebook

Geo Messages approach based on the peer to peer location sharing. We do not need authorization here and we do not need third party servers with location data. Location info could be shared as signature to the standard messages (email, SMS). This approach has got various implementations: Geo Mail, Geo SMS, Geo Twit, etc.

And here is a new implementation: Geo Messages for Facebook

It is a web mashup that lets you share location info via messages in Facebook. Mashup uses Send Dialog from Facebook API. E.g. invite your friends join you at café, event, etc.

Also you can use mashup in your own web applications. Base URL supports the following parameters:

lat - latitude for place
lng - longitude for place
place - Facebook ID for place

in other words you can directly set location info (latitude, longitude) or provide a place from Facebook (for places see, for example, Places for Facebook)

Additional parameters:

to - target address
picture - URL for picture added to your message
name - title for geo-link. By default it is: Location info
text - text for geo-link. By default it is: I am here
redirect - URL for site (web page) for redirection after sending. By default it is the same mashup

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