Saturday, May 19, 2012

Geo-location in Twitter

Our mashup Twitter location has been updated again. It lets you publish geo-related information to Twitter. It is not about geo tagging in Twitter. Actually users do not need to geo-enable their accounts. Twitter location is just a way for publish messages (statuses) with some geo-related data. Click on the map and mashup will prepare for you a link to appropriate Google Map.
The goal is very clean – simplify Twitter publishing for messages (statuses) where location info (place) is important.
Mashup does not request any authorization, the actual publishing will be performed via the standard Twitter client.

You can pass the following optional parameters to the basic URL:

lat - an initial latitude (where to show the map)
lng - an initial longitude
zml - an initial zoom level
t - a message that will be added to any published status

For example, suppose we are creating some information system that collects information for discounts. We can choose a hash tag #discount and use the following URL for publishing locations with discounts:

(%23 – is just encoded #).


A reference to the map will be published in the mobile-friendly format. We are using Mobile map here.

Our mobile web-mashup (HTML5) Geo Twit has been updated too. It lets you publish a link to your current location in Twitter timeline right from the phone (iPhone, Android, Samsung etc). In other words, without the changing your account settings (enabling location) you can simply publish once a link to your location. Some form of mobile check-in for Twitter. Mobile site:

You can use also the following short URL, or load it via the following QR-code:

QR code

You can use this mashup in your own mobile portals too (just place a link to Geo Twit). It accepts the following optional parameters:

t - text for your message (status)
u - Twitter user for sending message to

For example: Geo Twit

/via Geo Messages

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