Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Directory of mashups

Our mashups directory has been updated. A huge collection of applications: Twitter, Google Maps, LBS, QR-codes, mobile HTML5 etc.

Monday, May 30, 2011

People search

Got a name for you customer/visitor? Add links for people search in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace right to your web application. Coldtags suite introduces People search taglib

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Statistical models

A great essay about statistical learning

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Life in mashups

"The Google Translate API has been officially deprecated as of May 26, 2011. Due to the substantial economic burden caused by extensive abuse, the number of requests you may make per day will be limited and the API will be shut off completely on December 1, 2011." - from here

Friday, May 27, 2011

Links from Twitter

Our mashup Links from Twitter has been updated. Lets you see links published in Twitter by the friends of any user. E.g. check out what Twitter’s CEO is reading (or, at least, is seeing) etc. Sometimes it could be a good source of information for you. Read Twitter through someone else's view.

Actually you do not need to login/share password etc. for this mashup. You can read links even without your own account in Twitter. And of course, if you are in Twitter you can read your own timeline via this mashup too.

You can directly pass any name from twitter as a parameter for this URL. Parameter's name is u. E.g.:


Thursday, May 26, 2011

More plugins

A new collection of interesting jQuery plugins

Geo Messages at Google

Just got a new version of Google Maps for Android. It looks like Google is reading :-) Now you can share your location a way similar to Geo Messages Even bit.ly is used instead of Google’s analogue.

Just can not check out their server side part – it returns 502 status.

P.S. And Geo Messages work :-). Btw, you will see soon a version for JME phones.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where are you now

Our mashup Where are you now has been updated. It is the most popular question in the mobile messaging. 600 billion per yer - more than impressive digit. For servicing such kind of requests we offer Geo Messages approach. It introduces a new way for sharing location info data in mobile networks. This approach could be used as a base for many mobile services. You can find many of them on Geo Messages page. Let us describe a yet another service.

We have a simple application Geo Mail. It lets users send mobile email with location info in the signature. It is mobile web application (HTML5), you do not need to install any code. It is enough to know the service URL only (e.g. keep it in the bookmarks).

But what about the following use case? You need to know somebody else location but he/she has not this URL (unaware about that service). A very simple solution – let us send him/her a link to Geo Mail. So as soon as our message is received our target party will be able to respond with location info via email. Of course if he/she decided to do that. So by this way we are also solving privacy issues – it is completely up to target party respond or to not to location info request.

It is exactly what our mashup Where are you now is doing.

It is mobile web application (HTML5) that lets you send a request for location info to any user with know email address. Short URL for access is:


You can also use the following QR-code for loading:

Check it out with your HTML5 browser (iPhone, Android, Samsung etc.)

Location Business Summit 2011

We continue to publish links for monitoring the interesting events in Twitter. Now it is The Location Business Summit, Amsterdam, 2011

/via Geo Messages

P.S. and the same in Twi-gazeta The Location Business Summit

Monday, May 23, 2011

Places from Facebook

You are welcome to check out a new mashup from our suite – Places from Facebook.

Lets you search for places, show them on the map, copy locations to mobile, check-in anywhere as well as prepare mobile web pages for check-in

P.S. See also QRpon – customized check-ins for Facebook

Friday, May 20, 2011

About bookmarklets

"Bookmarklets are special links that users can add to their browser’s favorites. These special links include code (i.e. not just a target URL), and they trigger various kinds of useful functionality, allowing you to modify and extend any web page." - The secret power of bookmarklets

P.S. check out also our directory of bookmarklets

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mobile Geo Forums

QR code
Our mashup Geo forums has been updated. Mobile mashup introduces free discussions (forums) associated with geo locations. It is HTML5 mobile web applications, so this application works on any phone with HTML5 browser (iPhone, Android)


(it is a mobile site).

You can copy this link right to your mobile browser with QR-code above. Alternatively you can use the following short URL: http://bit.ly/igPCBR

It is cloud based implementation. Mashup saves data in Google Fusion tables and uses forums from Disqus.

P.S. related links:

City forums - mashup combines places from Foursquare and cloud forums from Disqus.
Geo chat - web chat with geo locations

Could be used in Gov 2.0 projects, for example.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Google Fusion Tables API

An interesting technical article: Introducing the Google Fusion Tables API. Java source code.

P.S. We are using Google Fusion Tables in our Mobile Geo Forums

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

EU to Say Location Data Private

"The European Union’s top advisory body on online privacy will issue an opinion this month saying that information collected by phone and Internet companies on customer locations must be treated like names, birthdays and other personal data, EU officials say.
That means smartphone giants like Apple Inc. and Google Inc. will likely have to obtain user consent before gathering the data, delete the information after a certain period of time and keep it anonymous." - from WSJ.

Obviously, it means that LBS applications could be affected.

P.S. by the way, it means that Geo Messages approach is getting even more interesting. It lets users share location data on peer to peer basic, there are no servers with location data.

Monday, May 16, 2011

ID for clients

How to assign and reuse unique client's ID for your HTML5 mobile web applications - Client ID taglib

Local photos

Mobile version for our Local photos mashup has been updated:

http://localphoto.linkstore.ru (it is a mobile site).

You can see local photos as well as search them by the keywords. Mobile web application that works on HTML5 browsers (Android, iPhone, Samsung etc.)

This latest version supports the following features:

1) you can pass get-points as parameters for the above mentioned URL (parameters are lat - latitude and lng - longitude) and create a mobile link for photos. For example, live photos from London:


2) you can directly set search string. Parameter's name is q. For example:


QR code

You can copy mashup right to your phone with the QR code above. Or use the following short URL http://bit.ly/cX2cCd

Friday, May 13, 2011

Directory of mashups

Our mashups directory has been updated. A huge collection of applications: Twitter, Google Maps, LBS, QR-codes, mobile HTML5 etc.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to launch

A very interesting discussion - how to launch your project

The best launch is if you have a product that other people like using so much that they tell other people about it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hot or not, $MSFT vs. $GOOG, euro vs. USD, Chelsea vs. MU etc. - all this in our updated mashup Tweet versus Tweet.

In the latest version you can directly pass search terms to URL. Parameters are: t1 and t2.

E.g. $MSFT vs. $GOOG:


Monday, May 09, 2011

WHOIS for Twitter

Our mashup Info from Twitter has been updated. It lets you pickup from the social graph other resources, associated with the given twitter account. It is a dead simple way to discover who is your new follower and who you follow to in Twitter. WHOIS for Twitter.

You can directly type a name for twitter account on the mashup's page or pass it as a parameter:


Also here you find an appropriate bookmarklet for this service.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Blinking phone

QR code
Our mashup Blinking phone has been updated. You can load it via the following URL


(it is a mobile site) or through QR-code above. This is a simple HTML5 mobile web application that lets you create blinking phone. The full screen is flashing with the selected color. Try it with your iPhone, Android etc.

Flash-mob organizer, voting tool, taxi call at night etc.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Business card 2.0

MECARD is a text format lets you present address information for phonebook registration.

You can think of MECARD as a light version of vCard. Essentially, a single line of text contains all the meta data and appropriate information for populating an address book. Info such as name, address, telephone, email, URL and more. QR-code scanner on mobile phone automatically recognizes MECARD and suggests a new entry for address book. So you can avoid manual typing for name, address etc. It is just one click deal for adding new contact. Just ask your partner to scan QR-code with MECARD.

It is used in mobile services. See for example widget для Opera. Widgets can save data in the own memory, so you do not need to type them again. It is very important to highlight that we do not need any external server. All your contact info is actually saved in your phone.

HTML5 lets us implement the similar approach. There is so called local storage, so we save typed data right in the mobile browser. This feature is actually a key element for our new mobile web application: MeShare. Here is the mobile URL: http://servletsuite.com/meshare

You can use also the following QR-code:


The schema is transparent. Type your contact info:

And now you can get QR-code. This code could be scanned right from your phone. Business card 2.0:

For the second call you do not need to type your data again. Just open that page in your mobile browser (e.g. from bookmarks) and get QR-code.

P.S. and here you can get more tools for MECARD

P.P.S. and here is our QR-codes FAQ and how to

Friday, May 06, 2011

Time filter

Restrict access to your web application by time - Time filter

Thursday, May 05, 2011

QR-codes FAQ and how to

A huge collection of services: QR-code FAQ and how to

Social location 2011

We continue to publish links for monitoring the interesting events in Twitter. Now it is Social location, SF, 2011. The convergence of the social web, mobile and local-business.

/via Geo Messages

P.S. and the same in Twi-gazeta Social-Loco

P.P.S. very interesting! Btw, it is what our Geo Messages and QRpon services are about.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Food from Twitter

One of the most delicious from our mashups has been updated. Get an idea about your next lunch right from Twitter. Mashup Food from Twitter shows you the live stream of food pictures just published in Twitter. See what other people are eating right now.

New version supports local search. You can pass the following parameters to the original URL:

lat - latitude
lng - longitude

For example:

Food in London
Food in Palo Alto

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

London and Twitter

London on Twitter mashup has been updated. See the latest city news in the real time.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Flashing phone

"Another HTML5 mobile web application from servletsuite.com. It's full screen blinking phone. Select a color and the screen flashes with that color. Works with iPhone, Android, bada, WebOS, Opera Mobile 10+, etc.. Suggested uses include: flash-mob organizer, voting tool and hailing a taxi at night." - our mashup Blinking phone on wapreview site

The future of geo location

An interesting article The Future of Geolocation: What is Coming?. Shortly: recommendations and social connections.

P.S. check out our Geo Chat applications

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Day in Twitter

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our mashup Twitter's day in photos has been updated.

It presents for you trends in Twitter, illustrated by the Twitter's photos.

Technically it is based on our photo search for Twitter