Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mobile location

We continue to share links for monitoring the interesting events in Twitter. Now it is Mobile Location on MWC, Barselona, 2012

/via Geo Messages

P.S. and the same in Twi-gazeta:   mobileloco

Machine Learning

Topics from Stanford's Machine Learing class:

Supervised learnings.

In supervised learning, one has a set of data with features and labels.

Linear Regression – one/multiple variables
Gradient Descent - a general algorithm for minimizing a function
Logistic Regression – This is useful when predicting classification type results. For example, are you looking for a yes or no result. Does the patient have cancer? Will the customer buy my new product? It can also be helpful for more than 2 results. What color will a person choose (red, blue, green, silver)?
Neural Networks – A learning algorithm that is modeled after the brain. Think of neurons.

Unsupervised Learning

In unsupervised learning, one has a set of data with no features and labels. Can some structure be found for the data?

Clustering – The most popular technique is K-means.
PCA (Principal Components Analysis) – speed up a learning algorithm

Anomaly Detection

This section covers methods to determine if data is bad. Bad data is considered an anomaly.

Recommender Systems

Like the name says, recommender systems are used to make recommendations. Companies like Netflix use recommender systems to recommend new movies to customers. LinkedIn also recommends people to connect with. This is a fairly hot topic in the tech world right now.

Content Based(Features)
  Modified Linear Regression
Non-content Based(No Features)
  Collaborative Filtering
  Matrix Factorization

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Carnival of the Mobilists 263

"The Carnival is truly global this week, with a quick head-up from Dmitry Namiot about an interesting mobile app they’ve created that blends facebook and google search. Very innovative and Russia really is a market to watch in terms of mobile innovation" - check out more in Carnival of the Mobilists 263

P.S. it is about our Social Search application.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

WHOIS for Facebook

Our mashup Social Graph Directory has been updated. Lets you present your Social Graph info (friend’s data) in the simple tabular form. Do you have contacts in particular company, city etc.? Also it lets you see additional info about your friends (WHOIS for Facebook).

The latest version lets you find classmates, common interests as well as extended info about your friends.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tweet Street View

Drive the streets and read the tweets. Our mashup for Google Street View and Twitter – Tweet Street View has been updated.

Drive or walk with Street View and see tweets nearby. You can see Street View and either an appropriate map or a list of nearby messages from Twitter. So, you can read the latest real-time news for the places you are in with Street View.

By default mashup shows some predefined sites and you can see your own location. Just pass your latitude/longitude pair to the URL. Parameters are

lat - latitude
lng - longitude

So, it looks like this:

E.g. drive through El Camino Real

Technically it is Google Street View (via Gmaps utils) + Twitter search + several mashups from our directory.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Places and customized check-ins for Facebook

You are welcome to check out a new version of our mashup Places from Facebook.

Lets you search for places, show them on the map, copy locations to mobile, see friends activity, check-in anywhere as well as prepare mobile web pages for customized check-ins.

You can directly pass the following parameters to the basic URL:

lat - latitude
lng - longitude
q - query for search

For example, Facebook in London

For customized check-in place owner (or advertising/marketing agency, for example) can define all the aspects of check-in - data to be posted on user's wall, data to be returned as a confirmation, Google Analytics code for stats monitoring etc. This version provides own analytics for check-ins too. And of course you still can use Facebook’s dashboard for places pages - mashup creates standard check-ins for Facebook.

In other words – any small business can create public (or private) "Foursquare-like" system for own visitors. Using all the power of Facebook’s user base.

P.S. See also QRpon – customized check-ins for Facebook

P.P.S. and here you can see Places from Google for the same area.

Monday, February 20, 2012

HTTP Proxy

Just a best proxy for your Java web applications. Really. Has been updated again. HTTP Proxy servlet from JSOS

Friday, February 17, 2012

What is Big Data?

A yet another classification attempt - What is Big Data:

- Horizontally-scalable columnar data stores.
- Distributed data analysis.
- Data synergy and Augmentation.
- An improved ability to recognize patterns

from Beyond "Big Data"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big data

"Big data is data that exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems. The data is too big, moves too fast, or doesn't fit the strictures of your database architectures. To gain value from this data, you must choose an alternative way to process it." - a good introduction into big data

Monday, February 06, 2012

Ask friends: socialize your search

Our mobile web mashup - Ask friends has been updated. It is a wrapper for Google search lets you share your search query with your friends in Facebook. Mashup simply posts your query on Facebook's wall and redirects you to Google SERP. Who will help you the most?

Mobile site:

You can use also the following QR-code:

QR code

You can use mashup for creating links in your mobile web pages and directly provide your own query:

Friday, February 03, 2012

A simple classified system on Twitter

Our mashup Buy-Sell has been updated. It lets you match 'buy' and 'sell' tweets. It's sort of like a Craigslist for Twitter. This mashup connects Buyers And Sellers On Twitter.

Mashup supports geo search. So you can see related tweets for the specified area only. Just use latitude and longitude as parameters to the original URL:

lat – latitude
lng – longitude

For example, buying and selling in:


Mashup lets you see "buy-and-sell" tweets with photos. Also you can directly pass your search string to the basic URL. Parameter's name is q. For example: iPad

P.S. see also Tweet vs. Tweet mashup

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Useful bookmarklets

"Bookmarklets are special links that users can add to their browser’s favorites. These special links include code (i.e. not just a target URL), and they trigger various kinds of useful functionality, allowing you to modify and extend any web page." - it is what they do.

Check out our updated directory of bookmarklets