Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Google Maps mashup for SMS: http://geosms.linkstore.ru

1. How does it work:
- send SMS to +7909 9213670 (it is not a premium rate number, so your standard SMS rate will apply here)
- all the collected SMS will be shown here on the Google Map

2. SMS format:

*your address*text for your message

in other words the starting part of your SMS wrapped with * symbols will be treated as your address. And text of your message will be attached to this address geocoded by Google. For example:

*Palo Alto*Hi from Silicon Valley

You can send a separate SMS with the address data only. For example:

*Palo Alto*
*Germany Berlin*

As soon as the address is set you can skip it in the sub-sequential messages. All the SMS's from the same number will be attached to the last known address. If the address for the sender is unknown the incoming message will be attached to some default point - latitude: 53.142729083526305 longitude: 29.223976135253906

Web-interface in the current version supports the following actions:
Start - starts the process, Stop - stops it. By default all the messages will be shown - Free map. Fixed map mode lets you display messages for the selected (visible) map's part only. This part could be selected as usually - moving with the arrows and/or changing the scale

Mobile users: you can visit the WAP-site http://wsms.linkstore.ru and type in your phone number. Assuming the location for this number is known you will see all the messages within a circle with approximately 20 km radius.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cache for JSP

Cache components in Coldtags suite have been updated. See them here for example.
E.g. one trick we are actively using in our own web applications. What if you need to cache only a part of your JSP page. For the whole page you can use for example Expire header. But what about the partial caching? Timer taglib helps you to do that. E.g. you can request your DB back-end not often than once per the given time and simply use old data for the intermediate requests. And this taglib lets you markup such a chunks (fragments) on your JSP page

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Proxy for Ajax

You are welcome to checkout a new article about Coldtags components. Now we are showing how to create a proxy for your Ajax requests. Described proxy lets you request data from Twitter.