Friday, September 30, 2011

Flu. Take care

The latest news about flu. What and where. Illustrated.

Over The Air 2011

We continue to publish links for monitoring the interesting events in Twitter. Now it is OverTheAir conference, Bletchley Park, England

/via Geo Messages

P.S. and the same in Twi-gazeta:   OverTheAir conference

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Growth for mobile

As per Mobilize 2011 conference: "According to GigaOm, areas of potential growth for mobile include cloud services, connected devices (the Internet of things), health care, SoLoMo (social location mobile), hyper local targeting, and payments."

We are in the hot area with our SpotEx stuff!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

About images search for Twitter

We’ve prepared a widget for Twitter’s images search (on the base of our Images search mashup). So, this widget is embeddable and we can use it in the separate projects.

You can see how does it work in our Eurovision mashup for example

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mobile web development

An interesting framework on the top of PhoneGap - Mulberry

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mobilize 2011

We continue to publish links for monitoring the interesting events in Twitter. Now it is Mobilize conference, SF, CA

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P.S. and the same in Twi-gazeta Mobilize conference

HTML5 frameworks

A framework is basically software application which assists developers to quickly design and develop dynamic websites - a great collection of HTML5-CSS frameworks

Friday, September 23, 2011

Go Chrome

Our first dive into Chrome extensions: Local map with local data

Lets you see a snippet for local map, your position (latitude, longitude) as well as real time local news (illustrated twitter stream + local search)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Directory of mashups

Our mashups directory has been updated. A huge collection of applications: Twitter, Google Maps, LBS, QR-codes, mobile HTML5 etc.

The latest release includes our context-aware applications (WiFi Chat) and Google Plus API test (photo puzzle), for example

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google Plus photo puzzle

A puzzle from Google Plus profile's image: Restore the Google+er. Just set profile ID or any Google Plus related URL and get a puzzle created from user's profile.

By default shows a puzzle of Google's CEO. You can directly set Google+ ID (or URL) in your request. For example:

Time killer for Google+ fans.

P.S. you can see the similar photo puzzle for Facebook

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Context-aware computing: local messages

Our presentation for NGMAST - 2011:

It is about our SpotEx. You can see here the description for our approach to WiFi proximity. And here is a side product: WiFi chat.

W3G conference

We continue to publish links for monitoring the interesting events in Twitter. Now it is W3G conference, Nottingham, UK

/via Geo Messages

P.S. and the same in Twi-gazeta W3G conference

Monday, September 19, 2011

Spam in social networks

Just found an interesting article Detecting and Characterizing Social Spam Campaigns.

Hot area, we really need to pay attention to this topic in our plans for post-graduates. For googling: detect spam posts in online social networks article

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Classified on Twitter

Our mashup Buy-Sell has been updated. Lets you match 'buy' and 'sell' tweets. It's sort of like a Craigslist for Twitter. This mashup connects Buyers And Sellers On Twitter.

Mashup supports geo search. So you can see related tweets for the specified area only. Just use latitude and longitude as parameters to the original URL:

lat – latitude
lng – longitude

For example, buying and selling in:


Mashup lets you see "buy-and-sell" tweets with photos. Also you can directly pass your search string to the basic URL. Parameter's name is q. For example: iPad

P.S. see also Tweet vs. Tweet mashup

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Places and Facebook

You are welcome to check out a new version of our mashup Places from Facebook.

Lets you search for places, show them on the map, copy locations to mobile, check-in anywhere as well as prepare mobile web pages for customized check-ins. For customized check-in place owner (or advertising agency, for example) can define all the aspects of check-in - data to be posted on user's wall, data to be returned as a confirmation, Google Analytics code for stats monitoring.

You can directly pass the following parameters to the basic URL:

lat - latitude
lng - longitude
q - query for search

For example, Facebook in London

P.S. See also QRpon – customized check-ins for Facebook

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tweet vs. Tweet

Hot or not, EURO vs. USD, $MSFT vs. $GOOG, Chelsea vs. MU etc. - all this in our updated mashup Tweet versus Tweet.

You can directly pass search terms to URL. Parameters are: t1 and t2.

E.g. $MSFT vs. $GOOG:$MSFT&t2=$GOOG

Also you can use this mashup in "local" version. Just pass the following parameters to the basic URL:

lat - latitude for search
lng - longitude for search

E.g. Tweet vs. Tweet in London

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mobilizer - QR-code maker

Our mashup QR-code generator has been updated. It is a quick way to mobilize any content (just a copy/paste procedure). Simply copy your text and get mobile web page as well as an appropriate QR code. URL, email, phone numbers in your text could be automatically converted to hyperlinks (or click-to-call links).

You can also add file for downloading, open links with wireless transcoder (lets you see web pages on the limited mobile web browsers), program your mobile page for one time access only, share your page in the social networks. For one time access your visitor will be able to open that page only once. Could be convenient for delivering some secure or non-free context.

A new version of mashup lets you add mobile discussions to your page as well as Google Analytics.

P.S. the similar mashups that inspired discussions feature are City forums and Mobile forum

Getting feedback

Just a short remark for the memorizing: TalkBin that has been acquired by Google, TalkTo I saw on TCDisrupt use SMS. Why do not go to Twitter messages as T411 for Twitter does? At the end of the day messages in Twitter are SMS too. But that channel does not depend on telecom operator.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Local photos

Mobile version for our Images search for Twitter mashup has been updated: (it is a mobile site).

Lets you see the recently published photos nearby. So, you can see local photos as well as search them by the keywords. Mobile web application that works on HTML5 browsers (Android, iPhone, Samsung etc.)

This latest version supports the following features:

1) you can pass get-points as parameters for the above mentioned URL (parameters are lat - latitude and lng - longitude) and create a mobile link for photos. For example, live photos from London:

2) you can directly set search string. Parameter's name is q. For example:

btw, you can use here some name from Twitter, hashtag etc.

QR code

You can copy mashup right to your phone with the QR code above. Or use the following short URL

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

JSOS ver. 7.45

Coldbeans Software announced the next milestone in JSOS (servlets office suite) development. JSOS reaches the version 7.45.

This largest collection of Java servlets and filters provides 150+ "out of the box" components ready for building web-pages. One of the biggest parts is the rich set of filters. Package includes such components as XML and WML transcoding, access restriction, traffic restriction, caching, profiling etc. All components are configurable, so you may incorporate them into your own design frameset. Components from JSOS do support mobile web, so the same set of components can be used for wireless users too. At this moment JSOS provides a largest set of servlets and filters over the Net.

Check out the latest version of Java Servlets Office Suite here:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Local data

"By now, on traditional computers, we know how to find the information we seek, whether via sites like Google, Wikipedia, or through social networks. On mobile, however, our information needs and habits shift. On the go, we typically want smaller bits of information quicker, usually calibrated to our location. We are less likely to engage in longer discussion, and more likely to add questions in the hopes that machines, crowds, or some combination can produce relevant information. This shift has opened the floodgates of activity in the personalized search and Q&A space, with an impressive number of new applications vying for user attention in a crowded marketplace." - from here

I think it is a great task - collect fragmented data about my current place on mobile. Mashup of mashups for mobile world.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

TC disrupt

We continue to publish links for monitoring the interesting events in Twitter. Now it is TechCrunch Disrupt, SF, 2011

/via Geo Messages

P.S. and the same in Twi-gazeta TC Disrupt

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Peer to peer location sharing

We are not alone with our Geo Messages

"Services like Loopt and Google Latitude can broadcast a user’s location constantly, but that can eat into battery life and can also prompt privacy concerns. By pulling location rather than pushing it out, Echoecho lets people control when and how they make that information available to others. And since it can be used without both parties owning the app or joining a social network, it’s a simple way to provide location updates." - well said!

Glad to see Google Ventures agreed with our opinion about peer to peer location sharing.

You can see also the presentation from ICUMT-2010:

Friday, September 09, 2011

New GAE pricing

A very good overview for new pricing model of GAE

Excessive instances cost:

sudden parallelism
idle instance setting
decrease response time

And by the way, Google App Engine becomes much more complex to deal with ...

Thursday, September 08, 2011

QRpon - customized check-ins for Facebook

Our mashup QRpon has been updated again.

QRpon is a specialized CMS (content management system) that lets any business create a special mobile web site. This web site lets users automatically, just after confirming the identity, post business-defined information on the Facebook's wall. In the exchange for this posting (action) mobile web site will show a confirmation for the benefits. E.g. coupon, discount info etc. In other words - anything that could be presented to the staff on the business side for claiming the benefits.

How to present that created mobile site for the potential users? It is where QR-codes help us. CMS lets businesses create mobile web site as well as an appropriate QR-code. Because it is mobile web (HTML5) application there is no need for downloading. Just scan QR-code and get URL opened.

Automatically, this approach obviously supports also physical check-ins. There is no way to mark you "at this location" being actually nearby (based on GPS location) or even far away (via API). QR-code should be scanned, and it is a physical action that could be performed on-site only.

So for the business this approach offered a mobile web site (sites – business can create more than one site, update them often etc.), presented on-site with QR-code sticker, that lets visitors exchange posting in the social network (e.g. Facebook’s wall) for some benefits. And all site's aspects (what is presented on the site, what should be posted to the social network, what should be presented as a confirmation) are defined by the businesses themselves. Another possible explanation – try to think about the current check-in system (e.g. Foursquare) and just replace the standard posting (notice) from Foursquare with your own text. Obviously your potential users do not need to download (install) mobile application and do not need to register in some new service (beyond their Facebook accounts). And another important difference from Foursquare (Facebook, Twitter etc.) check-ins – the need for the physical presence.

You can see also the description here

P.S. as per customized check-ins see also our mashup Places from Facebook

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Places and customized check-ins for Facebook

You are welcome to check out a new version of our mashup Places from Facebook.

Lets you search for places, show them on the map, copy locations to mobile, check-in anywhere as well as prepare mobile web pages for customized check-ins

You can directly pass the following parameters to the basic URL:

lat - latitude
lng - longitude
q - query for search

For example, Facebook in London

P.S. See also QRpon – customized check-ins for Facebook

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Facebook and Loyalty Program for Brands

There is an interesting reading - Facebook is Not a Loyalty Program for Brands. Some facts:

It turns out, 88 percent of Facebook members never return to a Page once they’ve clicked the "Like" button (according to recent research by BrandGlue).

Worse, "Like" is no longer reserved for special, meaningful affinity towards a brand — we’re blasted with "Like us" messaging on a daily basis, which reduces the value of a "Like" alone.

That is why we think customized check-ins applications like our QRpon are steps in the right direction. See the above-mentioned article: one of the key factors is "Ability to add in psychological motivators throughout the experience". These important psychological motivators borrowed from the world of game design and traditional loyalty programs are key in turning a one-time user interaction to long-term loyalty and lifetime user value.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Inline cache

TimeStamp taglib. An interesting model for cache. Server-side application returns HTML markup with invisible tags. Each tag contains time stamp. On the client side we can compare time in the tags with time stamp in cookies for example. Depends on the results we can hide some content via JavaScript's DOM manipulation.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Getting public -2

A new conference with our presence:

NGMAST 2011. September 14-16, 2011 Cardiff, Wales, UK

About location-aware mobile messages
Dmitry Namiot (Moscow State University, Russia); Manfred Schneps-Schneppe (Ventspils University College, Latvia)

It is about SpotEx. We will publish the presentations.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Advertising in social networks

Our presentation on AFIN-2011

This paper describes a new model for check-in process: customized (or business-oriented) check-ins. This approach introduces a new mobile service that lets any business publish customized records (statuses) in social networks (Facebook in the current release) in exchange for some benefits (discounts, gifts, coupons) provided for the customers.

For the business, this service introduces a new way for advertising in the social networks. For the consumers, this service introduces a way for exchanging access to the own social graph for some benefits (e.g., gifts, discounts, coupons).

Mobile content

Yahoo published very interesting data about content for mobile users. What do they prefer:

local data on the top. from here.

P.S. this post sponsored by SpotEx - a new approach for sharing hyper-local data for mobile subscribers :)