Friday, December 14, 2018

Data Mining on the Use of Railway Stations

Our new paper: Data Mining on the Use of Railway Stations

This article deals with the processing of data on the entrances and exits of passengers for railway stations in Moscow and the suburbs. Smart transport cards are used worldwide in transport applications as a payment tool. So, for railways (cities) its usage creates the big and constantly updated collections of transactions data from cards validation equipment. The deployment model for railways in Moscow region allows us to know exactly the starting and ending points of the each route. This detailed information allows us to obtain generalized information on the modes (models) of the actual use of the railway transport. The detected travel patterns could be mapped to the model of the social and economic behavior of residents of the capital region. And vice versa, we can use known artifacts of the behavior of the inhabitants of the region as the search patterns for transport data.The conclusion that mobility is one of the main characteristics and one of the key components of a smart city is a well-known fact.