Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bikes in Smart Cities

Our new paper: On Bikes in Smart Cities

In this paper, we discuss data models and data mining for bicycles in Smart Cities. Mobilityissues (or Smart Mobility) are one of the main components of Smart Cities. Bicycles, as a transportcomponent in the cities, are on the rise all over the world. At least, it is true for all areas where the cli-mate even minimally allows it. The reasons are quite obvious. This is democratic and accessible thistype of transport, it is cheap and environmental friendliness. Of course, the promotion of a healthylifestyle also plays its role. The development of this type of transport (like any other) has many differentaspects. In this paper, we dwell on the issues of tracking the movement of cyclists and planning bike-sharing systems. All this information will serve as a set of metrics for any design in Smart Cities.

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