Saturday, May 12, 2012

Where are you now?

Our mobile web mashup Where Are You Now has been updated.

The query 'Where are you now?' is the most commonly sent SMS message, texted over 600 billion times per year in the US. For servicing such kind of queries we suggest Geo Messages approach. It lets you easily share location on peer to peer basic in messages. This approach, actually, could be used in different applications. We are presenting here a new use case.

Our mobile web application Geo Mail lets you send email from mobile with your own coordinates. Application sends location info as a signature to email. It is mobile web, you do not need to download and install code, it is completely enough to know service’s URL (or keep it in the bookmarks, for example). Any your friend can send you his/her own location (and do it right peer to peer, without any third-party server keeping location data). But what if this URL is unknown for your friend, but you still need his location? Just a simple solution – let us send him a link to this application. In other word we will send him email with link to the geo-located reply. It solves also the privacy problem – it is up to the target party to decide share or not his location. It is what our mashup Where are you now does. All in all, mashup automates the asking and answering of "Where Are you now" question.

It is mobile HTML5 web application, lets you send request for geo-located reply. Short URL for locading:

You can use also the following QR-code:

You can use mashup in your own mobile web applications/portals. Basic URL accepts the following optional parameters:

to - email address for sending
subject - subject for the letter (by default: Where are you?)
reply - predefined address for the reply

For example: Where are you

Check it out from your mobile HTML5 browser (iPhone, Android, Samsung Bada)

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