Thursday, October 11, 2012

QR codes for maps

Our mashup QR maps has been updated. It lets you create QR-codes for loading mobile maps. Any map here is either static picture (you can use it for any mobile phone) or dynamic web mashup (it could be used for Android, iPhone or any another HTML5 browser – we are using our tools from инструменты от Geo Messages)

Mashup let you create QR-code for direct map loading and HTML fragment for placing that QR-code on site (blog, etc.) So, it is a tool that helps you create and distribute mobile maps. Type (size) for map could be configured.

By default, mashup will ask about location for the map (area that should be used for creating QR-codes). You can directly describe geo area you are interested in. The basic URL can proceed the following optional parameters:

lat - latitude
lng - longitude
zml - a zoom for the map (by default it is 14)

For example: Mobile Maps for San Francisco

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