Sunday, October 14, 2012

City Guide - all the places

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You are welcome to check out an updated version of our mobile web mashup - FrontPlace. Lets you see nearby places and get info about them from Facebook, Google, Bing and Yandex (russian search engine) as well as the nearby photos. Check it out from your HTML5 browser: iPhone, Android, Samsung Bada or Opera 10.1+

(it is a mobile site).

You can copy link right to your phone with QR-code above. Or use the following short URL

Technically this implementation uses location data from Facebook. You can run this mashup for any geographical area. Just use the following parameters for the basic URL:

lat - latitude for your area
lng - longitude for your area
q - query string

For example: Pizza in London

P.S. check out also Mobile geo chat for quick communications

P.P.S. and here you can get a desktop version of Places for Facebook mashup.

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