Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Customized Like buttons

Sure, you’ve seen advertising campaigns asked you to Like some resource (e.g. Facebook Page) in exchange for some benefits.

Now you can do it yourself. Mashup Like Me lets you define your own reactions for Like buttons. More precisely, this mashup creates mobile web page that shows your own content to the visitors liked some predefined resource.

The usage model is obvious: ask visitors to like your resource and show something interesting after that (e.g. coupon, discount info) or let him download some file (report) or simply redirect user to any web resource by your choose.

Mashup lets you customize all the aspects for such usage: what should be on the original site, what resource (URL) should be liked as well as define your "after like" actions.

Mashup creates mobile web page (could be opened in any HTML5 mobile web browser). You can use link to that page in your own mobile sites (portals) or present it directly to your mobile visitors (e.g., via QR-code).

Like button on the generated pages shows also the list of friends liked the selected resource. So, this system works automatically as a simple recommendation system too.

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