Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mobilizer - QR-code maker

Our mashup QR-code generator has been updated. It is a quick way to mobilize any content (just a copy/paste procedure). Simply copy your text and get mobile web page as well as an appropriate QR code. URL, email, phone numbers in your text could be automatically converted to hyperlinks (or click-to-call links).

You can also add file for downloading, open links with wireless transcoder (lets you see web pages on the limited mobile web browsers), program your mobile page for one time access only, share your page in the social networks. For one time access your visitor will be able to open that page only once. Could be convenient for delivering some secure or non-free context.

A new version of mashup lets you add mobile discussions to your page as well as Google Analytics.

P.S. the similar mashups that inspired discussions feature are City forums and Mobile forum

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