Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Facebook and Loyalty Program for Brands

There is an interesting reading - Facebook is Not a Loyalty Program for Brands. Some facts:

It turns out, 88 percent of Facebook members never return to a Page once they’ve clicked the "Like" button (according to recent research by BrandGlue).

Worse, "Like" is no longer reserved for special, meaningful affinity towards a brand — we’re blasted with "Like us" messaging on a daily basis, which reduces the value of a "Like" alone.

That is why we think customized check-ins applications like our QRpon are steps in the right direction. See the above-mentioned article: one of the key factors is "Ability to add in psychological motivators throughout the experience". These important psychological motivators borrowed from the world of game design and traditional loyalty programs are key in turning a one-time user interaction to long-term loyalty and lifetime user value.

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