Thursday, June 24, 2010

Places from Twitter

Yet another mashup from our lab - Location from Twitter.

Usually, Twitter + Maps always mean mapping twits and show them on the map. Yes, we have such mashups too (see for example, Photo map или Local twitter). But here everything is vice versa. Just a reverse task :-).
Suppose you are reading a great geo-located twit. Just a status associated with some place. In Twitter’s web client you can see that place and an appropriate icon just below the message. How to get that place info and save/bookmark it on your phone? It is what our mashup - Place from Twitter is for.

It is very similar to our Location bookmark, but with Twitter status instead of address. Mashup Twitter’s place also creates QR code for mobile map. And mobile map describes a place from Twitter. And here we are using Geo Messages again.

The usage is simple. Just open in Twitter’s web interface any geo-enabled twit and copy its URL to mashup’s form. Also you can save the following link Place from Twitter in your bookmarks and simply select that bookmark on any opened page with geo-enabled twit (it is so called bookmarklet).

And of course, any QR code created with this mashup could be placed anywhere – on your site/blog, Facebook wall etc. You can even print it and place on the physical wall. Mashup provides HTML code you need for embedding QR code image.

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