Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Geo talks

Our mashup Geo Talk has been updated. It lets you create forums (discussions) linked to the particular place on the map.

Just mark a place, type a question (suggestion, information etc.) – in other words create an initiation for the discussion and get unique link for the map with embedded forum. After that you can share this link with your partners/colleges, print in your blog / twitter etc. – it depends on your own decision only – who you want to see among readers. And after that you can just follow to the discussion.

No registration required.

Technically, it is Google Maps + cloud forums from Disqus.

You can discuss some geo points, POI’s (points of interests – shops, bars etc.) or, for example, create a private forum devoted so some meeting in the selected place.

Just for example – forum for Golden Apple bar in Moscow

Initially mashup ( ) is trying to detect your location (as per W3C spec). If you know that forums should be created in some particular area just set additional parameters for the above-mentioned URL:

lat - latitude
lng – longitude
zml – initial zoom level

E.g. create forums in London

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