Monday, January 26, 2009

Mobile sites creator

We wrote recently about QR codes for YouTube. It is a bookmarklet, lets you copy YouTube mobile page right to your phone. Now let us see a more generic solution - how to automatically create a mobile video site. Our new mashup YouTube mobile video lets you collect a bundle of interesting video pages and automatically create a mobile (XHTML, WAP 2.0) site for them. Could be a good source of the mobile traffic for the telecom operators as well a usefull add-on for the mobile sites developers (designers). For example, just create without any programming a link for the video data your visitors could be interested in and use this link on the own mobile portal (site).

The usage is very easy. On the mashup's page (no need for the registration) just set a link for YouTube page. Than edit the title for this page and add it to the site. Mashup automatically detects a relevant mobile data and returns you a link to the mobile site. You can share this link with email, Twitter, Facebook or even copy it right to your own mobile via QR-code. And it is exactly the same link you can reuse across your own mobile sites.

Technically it is an YouTube API and several of custom tags from Coldtags suite. For example - YouTube mashup taglib.

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