Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mobilize it with QR-codes

Mashup QR-code maker is an easiest way (well – yet another attempt to present an easiest way) for the mobilizing of user-defined content. Here are two tasks at least. At the first hand we need to create a mobile view for user-defined data. And what is important of course we need to do that very simply. After that we have to present by some way this view for our mobile users. Actually, QR-code generator mashup solves these tasks exactly.

As soon as the web user types (or copy-pastes) some content the relevant mobile web page will be created automatically. And a link (URL) for this fresh web page will be presented as a QR-code. So as soon as mobile user scans this code than he/she will get user-defined info (an appropriate web page) automatically.

All in all it is a simplest way for the content mobilization. There is no need in programming/developing skill at all. And QR-codes solve the distribution problem.

The latest version of QR-code mashup lets you add some local document to the content (e.g. photo, video, data files etc.). So you can share for example some local saved video data for the mobile users.

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