Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mobile web pairing

Web pairing for mobile phones. A basic service. It lets you connect two smart phones so you will be able to transfer data from one to another. More precisely – it links two browsers. Actually, you cal link mobile to desktop, desktop to desktop, mobile to smart TV, etc. The key idea is that internet connection should be enough for passing data from one browser to another (from any screen to another screen). There is no need to download applications. Everything should work in the browser.

How does it work? Point two browsers (two phones, for example) to the same URL:

You can use the following QR-code:

QR code

You can see the following:

The picture will be the same in the second browser. Just a code should be different:

This random code will be used for pairing two devices. It is the schema similar to Bluetooth pairing. On the screen (phone) that should display the data (be linked to another phone/screen in slave mode) type the code presented on the second phone. You do not need to type anything on the second (master) phone.

Now our slave screen is ready to accept data:

As soon as the code in entered, the second screen (master) will be updated automatically:

Type any text and press Push button on the master screen. You (your pal) will see data on the slave screen:

It is a basic example that transfers text data. Technically it is possible to pass any data available in the browser. Subscribe to updates :-)

What are the prototypes? There are two componets in Coldtags suite. Both controls are pre-ajax and use frames but they work. They are Cobrowse and Slide.

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