Wednesday, September 19, 2012

About TV communication tools

As Google explained, TV no longer commands our undivided attention, with 77% of viewers watching TV with another device in hand. In many cases people search on their devices, inspired by what they see on TV. So, TV applications are opening up a new business frontier for the mobile industry.

For example, TV related Communications tools give users a way to engage with others in social networking conversations or activities related to a program while it is airing on the TV screen, are the most common types of companion products and the easiest to implement. The device and app complement the TV but do not interact with it.

Here is a model example for TV related Communication tool: Second Screen TV. It is a mobile web application that let organize discussions about TV programs. What is inside it? Discussion here is a collection of tweets around some selected hash-tag. Everything starts with TV Guide labeled with hash-tags:

As soon as some program is selected, we can see program related page:

It is a place for program related content, advertising, etc. And this page contains Discuss button. But how our potential user can remember our hash-tag? Here we can use an idea described in the model example for Twitter discussions. He does not need to remember has-tag. During the first visit to that page hash-tag could be printed right in his own timeline. Together with the explanation what is it and what this tag devoted for. It is an analogue of check-in. And for the each subsequent call our application will directly move user to the twitter search for an appropriate hash-tag.

Because tag’s description was published in user’s timeline he will be able find it and return back to that discussion any time later even without visiting our TV guide again.

It is a very simple and easy reproducible way to maintain discussions about TV content, sports events etc.

You can copy sample link to your mobile with the following QR-code:
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