Monday, December 12, 2011

Your own mobile services

Our mashup Mobile pages has been updated. Our idea is to let users pre-load their mobile phones with some useful data pages. For example: mobile web page lets you share contact info, mobile web page lets you share some useful (important) link (e.g. price list, contact, resume etc.) and so on.

Pages will be created on Mobile pages service and transferred right to the phone either from short URL or via QR codes.

Service started just as a desktop web version for Mobile share mashup. It has been grown after that so sharing mobile contacts is just one of the available options. Right now you can:

- create a personal mobile web page for one click contact info sharing
- copy any long URL right to mobile web browser
- create a shareable bookmark on your mobile and share it later by SMS
- send a long text by SMS right from web site
- create a bookmark with some text content and share it by SMS
- create own mobile portal (collection of links)

Stay tuned, new features will follow shortly.

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