Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sensors and locations

"The next big frontier for phone companies, social networks and apps developers is indoor positioning. Yet despite the huge opportunities no truly satisfactory indoor location solution has ever been found. All suffer from one or more of the same fatal problems; they are inaccurate or unavailable; they require occasional manual recalibration to remain accurate; or they are highly expensive and tied to individual buildings." - it is correct. But wait - what they (Sensewhere) are doing after that? Are they simply reinventing the collaborative location? It looks so as per this presentation. As usually there is a big question: hot to get the first element with known location in this cloud? Cross-referenced to whom?

Rather than getting indoor location in order to use it for obtaining location-related data later is not it better to get that location-related data directly? It is what SpotEx project about.

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