Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Visual Geo Search for Layar Vision

This concept of Layar Vision layer associates some geo-data (POIs) with logos of companies. It answers the following questions: how to get nearby devices (places) with the same logo. E.g. each ATM has got bank’s logo. So, it is just a practical case - for any ATM that does not work for example we can find the nearby places with ATMs from the same bank.

Layar Vision layer here is just a wrapper for collection of geo-layer. Each geo-layer describes ATMs for the selected bank. And “bank selection” process coded as a vision enabled layer. User can see bank’s logo on the ATM, recognize it via vision enabled layer and call (switch to) geo-layer (“see more ATMs for the same bank”). We can switch to geo-layer manually (as an action in Layar Vision response) or via auto-trigger.

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