Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bookmarks for locations

Our mashup Location bookmark has been updated. It is a practical use case for QR codes. Mashup lets you create two things:

1) QR code for mobile map associated with the given address
2) HTML for putting that QR code on your site

So with this tool you can place on your own site (blog etc.) – e.g. somewhere in Contacts or About page QR code for any given address (e.g. address of your company, office etc.). And any visitor of your site will be able simply to scan this code and load that map right into own phone. So they (visitors) do not need to write/print/remember your address/driving directions etc. Just load an appropriate mobile map right from your site. Loaded map could be simply bookmarked on the phone (loaded map is just URL).
And driving directions as well as many other interesting things will come automatically with the mobile map (we use Geo Messages here).

Of course, QR code created with this mashup could be placed anywhere. E.g. add it to some article in your blog, print and place it on the wall etc.

P.S. similar projects:

QR map - lets you create QR code right from the map. Also can create a link to mobile friendly map (iPhone, Android, Bada – any phone with HTML5 browser).
Mecard - lets you create QR code for loading address data (contact info) right from your site

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