Thursday, March 03, 2011

Recommendations map

Our geo-browsing mashup ForumSquare has been updated. It is some kind of city-forums. Tips from Foursquare mashed up with cloud forums (from Disqus):

You can move map (walk in) from one tip to another, ask questions, see discussions, respond etc.

Right from the map you can see venue page in Foursquare as well search related data in Google blogs and Twitter (via search mashup Got)

In the latest version you can also copy any location you are interested in right to your mobile phone (via QR-code). Just click on the phone-icon near the POI name. QR-code lets you load a mobile map (from Geo Messages project) right to your mobile browser. You can simply bookmark it there for example.

See also our previous posts about ForumSquare.

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