Thursday, March 10, 2011

QRpon - customized check-ins

Our mashup QRpon has been updated

QRpon offers a specialized CMS (content management system) that lets any business create a special mobile web site. This web site lets users automatically, just after confirming the identity, post business-defined information on the Facebook's wall. In the exchange for this posting (action) mobile web site will show a confirmation for the benefits. E.g. coupon, discount info etc. In other words - anything that could be presented to the staff on the business side for claiming the benefits. How to present this mobile site for the potential users? It is where QR-codes help us. CMS lets businesses create mobile web site and an appropriate QR-code. Because it is mobile web (HTML5) application there is no need for downloading. Just scan QR-code and get URL opened.

Automatically, this approach obviously supports also physical check-ins. There is no way to mark you "at this location" being actually nearby (based on GPS location) or even far away (via API). QR-code should be scanned, and it is a physical action that could be performed on-site only.

So for the business this approach offered a mobile web site (sites – business can create more than one site, update them often etc.), presented on-site with QR-code sticker, that lets visitors exchange posting in the social network (e.g. Facebook’s wall) for some benefits. And all site's aspects (what is presented on the site, what should be posted to the social network, what should be presented as a confirmation) are defined by the businesses themselves. Another possible explanation – try to think about the current check-in system (e.g. Foursquare) and just replace the standard posting (notice) from Foursquare with your own text. Obviously your potential users do not need to download (install) mobile application and do not need to register in some new service (beyond their Facebook accounts). And another important difference from Foursquare (Facebook, Twitter etc.) check-ins – the need for the physical presence.

You can see also the description here

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