Friday, March 19, 2010

Where is my car?

Mobile service 'Car parking place' via our mashup Mobile map. This service lets you save your parking place right on the map and find it later easily. Screenshots, step by step:

1. Open the web page in your HTML5 mobile browser (iPhone, Android, Bada). The draggable red marker shows your current location:

2. Set the place (location) you need and hit on the marker. You will see an information window lets you create a new map with the saved location. Link email lets you send that new map by email (you can send to your own address too by the way), sms link lets you share your map via SMS (of course, if your phone does support it, like S60 platform for example) and link will simply open a new map in your mobile browser (it is the most convenient way for this task - just save the map in your bookmarks).

3. After that, any time later when that page is opened you will see two markers on it - saved location and your current location.

4. You can even click on the marker for saved location and draw a route to it (for walk or drive):


You can load this web application via the following short URL:

or scan it via the following QR-code:

QR code

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