Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Mobilize your content

Our mashup QR code maker has been updated. Just type (and/or copy/paste) any text, maybe with some links inside, and get two things:

a) mobile web page for this content
b) QR code for loading this page right into your phone (mobile browser)

What is else? You can share this mobile page with your friend right from the mobile (email, sms). You can add files to your page, so they will become downloadable right from that page. Actually you can even use this tool just for sharing your files.

During the mobile page generation mashup automatically proceeds links in the text. You can even add mobile transcoding to the links make content available via mobiles.

Another interesting option is one time readable pages. You can create a page (or downloadable content) that will be destroyed after the first reading. So this option could be used for premium content for example.

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