Monday, November 09, 2009

QR code for mobile content

Mashup QR code maker has been updated. Mashup lets you mobilize any content. Just copy-paste some text (links etc.) and get back two things:

a) mobile landing page for your content. It is a mobile web page your users can access to
b) QR code lets you load a link for this auto-generated page right into your mobile browser. And of course, as soon as such a page is loaded you can share it with your mobile friends/partners/clients etc.

It is probably the simplest way to mobilize your content without any special skills.

Also you can attach your own files to mobile pages. So you can distribute you content for loading into mobiles by this way.

In the latest version you can create also one-time readable mobile pages. Such a page will be automatically destroyed after the first opening. You can share payable content for example etc.
De-facto this option does the same trick for mobile web our old mashup Secure notes does for the "normal" web.
And we will provide a public API for creating mobile pages programmatically. Actually the same way Secure notes is doing right now.

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