Thursday, November 05, 2009

CellID processing

Cell ID is the unique number of a GSM cell for a given operator. Any phone is always connected to some cell, and by knowing this number, you know the Cell, and by knowing the position of the cell, you know where your phone is. There are some accuracy issues, as the cell can cover from several hundreds of meters to several kilometers, but this could be a very good starting point to locate the phone. And here is a server side Java component lets obtain latitude and longitude by the given cell - CellID taglib


Rikard Windh said...

Hi! I see the OpenCellID is used to get latitude and longitude. Here is a list of other providers:
The coverage and commerical terms varies.

Coldbeans software said...

thanks. I've checked - is too restrictive for the development.
The biggest question is when/if google open own base ...