Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Machine learning in software development

The subject of the article is the “coding style” concept and the main approaches to detecting the individual style of a programmer. The entire process of creating a software product from this point of view and the main features of programming style are analyzed. It emphasizes the relevance and commercial significance of the problem in terms of product support, plagiarism, work of a large developer’s community in a single repository, an evolution of developer skills. Computational stylometry issues, a possibility of using programming paradigms as an additional factor of style identification are considered. It offers the idea of creating a software tool that allows to identify the style of the author who wrote a particular program fragment and allows less experienced developers to follow the rules accepted in the major part of the repository and determined by coding style of "experts", which leads the code to a uniform format that is easier to maintain and make adjustments. Globally, this stage of analyzing the original (and then the modified code) allows improving the existing algorithms for automatic synthesis of programs.

Our new paper: Using Machine Learning Methods to Establish Program Authorship

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