Wednesday, July 20, 2016

BLE guard

It is a side effect from our experiments with Bluetooth Low Energy tags. See our program BLE guard for Android. You can download it here:

The idea of the app is in the continuous scanning (determining of accessibility) for tags and issuing alerts when some changes in the environment are detected. For example, a tag is gone. Or a new tag appears. During the first scan cycle, the app remembers the 'visible’ tags. If during the next consecutive scan any tag is missed, then the application activates the sound alarm and vibration. The typical use cases are:

  • You place the tag in your suitcase. If suitcase is “leaving” you – the phone will notify
  • Your tag is a bracelet (the collar of the animal). If the bearer of the bracelet moves away from the phone – the phone will notify
And so on.

Also, you can specify the phone number that will receive SMS notification with tag’s loss information. This can be used, for example, for such models: the phone is in the car and the scanner will remember the tags around on the parking slot. If your car gets taken away (evacuated), the phone sends an SMS to a specified number.

By default phone number is blank and application uses only beep and vibration.

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