Monday, December 15, 2014

Geo Signature and its applications

Our paper in the latest issue of IJISIS

D.Namiot, "Geo Signature and its applications", International Journal of Information Science and Intelligent System (IJISIS), vol. 4, no.1, pp. 105-118.

This paper summarizes definitions and uses cases for the sharing location information via geo messages. Geo messages let users of location based systems share location information as signatures to the standard messages (e.g., email, SMS). Rather than let some service perform the constant monitoring for the user’s location (Google Latitude) or share location info within any social circle (Facebook’s check-in, etc.) Geo Messages approach lets users share location data on the peer to peer basis. Users can share own location info via any of existing messaging systems. The basic tenet of this process is the separation of the identification and location information. With this approach shared location information (geo-coded link, map, etc.) does not contain the users’ identity. It uses identity information from the messaging system. It means that the whole process of location info exchange does not reveal user’s privacy. For a multilateral exchange of geo-positional information, this approach proposes a scheme with replaceable user authentication where only the creator of temporary name knows the identity mapping between temporary names and true identities.

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