Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Smart Metering

Manfred Sneps-Sneppe, Anatoly Maximenko, Dmitry Namiot, "On M2M communications standards for smart metering"

The paper discusses M2M communications standards for smart metering. One of the our goals is to show the failures of ETSI standartization process for M2M communications. Our paper proposes some extesions to ETSI standards. At the first hand, it is M-Bus protocol and Open Metering System based on M-Bus. The paper shows how to estimate wireless M-bus throughput and how to avoid collisions. After analysis of Open API for M2M, submitted to ETSI, we propose a new approach in the client-side web development - Web Intents. The main goal for our suggestions is to simplify the development phase for new applications by support asynchronous calls and JSON versus XML for data exchange.

Presented on The INTHITEN (INternet of THings and ITs ENablers) conference.

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