Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Smart Cities Software

Our new paper: Dmitry Namiot, Manfred Schneps-Schneppe Smart Cities Software from the developer’s point of view, International Conference on Applied Information and Communication Technologies (AICT2013), 25-26. April, 2013, Jelgava, Latvia, pp.238-245.

The paper discusses the current state and development proposals for Smart Cities and Future Internet projects. Definitions of a Smart City can vary but usually tend to suggest the use of innovative Info-Communication technologies such as the Internet of Things and Web 2.0 to deliver more effective and efficient public service s that improve living and working conditions and create more sustainable urban environments. Our goal is to analyze the current proposals from the developer’s point of view, highlight the really new elements, the positions borrowed from the existing tools as well as propose some new extensions. We would like to discuss the possible extensions for the existing proposals and describe add-ons that, by our opinion, let keep the future research inline with the modern approaches in the web development domain.

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