Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Where Are You Now?

Our mashup WAYN (Where Are You Now) has been redesigned.

This mobile web mashup lets you share location info as a signature for messages. There is no identification, there are no third party servers with customers data. It is just a direct delivery location information to the target party. Both sender and receiver are unknown for the system. The whole transmission is performed outside of WAYN.

Some illustrations:

1. Share location info. It could be detected automatically or set manually:

2. Receiver will see tho markers (his own position as well as sender’s location):

You can get mode details on the help page. P.S. For monitoring several positions simultaneously you can use WATN (Where Are They Now) service. It uses the same idea sharing location info without third party servers. As per others implementations for this approach check out Geo Messages

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