Monday, December 03, 2012

Chat Roulette for Twitter

We have many projects that search Twitter for interesting data. For example, food in Twitter, buy-sell, local photos, day in photos from Twitter, Eurovision, etc.

And here is another idea. How to find a buddy in Twitter? Look at Twitter those who might be looking for some help. For example, look at those who asked questions. Look at those who want to buy or sell something. Look who is looking something. Alternatively, just simply see all local tweets.

It is our new mobile web application:

Tweet them

You can use the following QR-code for loading:

QR code

It is for NY. You can use the following short URL too:

You can run this project for any city. Basic URL accepts the following parameters: city - city for search. For example:

Tweet them in SF - for San-Francisco. Here is an appropriate QR-code:

QR code
It is chat roulette for Twitter.

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