Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mobile map

Our mashup Mobile maps has been updated. Full screen map for mobiles (iPhone, Android - any HTML5 browser) lets you share location info as a signature for the standard messages.

You can load it right to your mobile browser with this QR code too:

You can use this mashup as is or embed it into your own applications. It helps you show some information for mobile users. This mashup accepts the following optional parameters for the basic URL:

t - text for POI
lat - POI's latitude
lng - POI's longitude
lat0 - own location (latitude)
lng0 - own location (longitude)
email - default email address
phone - default phone for SMS
lang - language for the map

dt - timestamp (milliseconds)
d - duration (min). For example, if your POI presents some event

instead of (lat, lng) pair you can use another parameter

a - address for your POI

For example, UK Prime Minister

We are using this tool in many our mobile LBS applications.

P.S. it is HTML5 web application, so the same will work in your desktop browser too, except SMS sharing of course.

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