Friday, March 30, 2012

Password protected messages

Our mashup Protected notes has been updated. Lets you create and share (twitter, email, facebook) password protected text notes (remarks). The idea is to let you share private notes via the public sources. For example, update your Twitter status (public account) so the only selected readers will be able to read that. And authorized users can delete notes too.

You can attach some file to your note. So, the authorized users only will be able to download it.

This new version supports REST API also. Now you can create the password protected text notes right from your applications via the simple HTTP request.

Also you can directly add to your dynamic pages links to this mashup with the pre-populated text (a-la 'share this', 'twit this' etc.). The format for the hyperlink is this:

P.S. check out also self-destructable text notes.

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