Saturday, August 06, 2011

Facebook and Google Static Maps

It is strange, but it is not so easy to add Google Static Map links to Facebook. Sometimes it works, sometimes does not. Even worse – the same link being posted several times can show the different results. We faced this behavior in our Places for Facebook mashup where you can describe customized check-ins. The quick search (stackoverflow, developer groups) confirms this problem as well as the lack of reaction from Facebook. Strange.

By the way, check-in messages from Foursquare use map fragment from MS.

I suspect the problem is on Facebook site. If you use some proxy for Google Static Map – it works on Facebook. Proxy lets you include map from your own site. But even with this solution we can see the problem – the map published in status works, the same map being published in check-in record – does not. Is it bug or feature?

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