Saturday, May 07, 2011

Business card 2.0

MECARD is a text format lets you present address information for phonebook registration.

You can think of MECARD as a light version of vCard. Essentially, a single line of text contains all the meta data and appropriate information for populating an address book. Info such as name, address, telephone, email, URL and more. QR-code scanner on mobile phone automatically recognizes MECARD and suggests a new entry for address book. So you can avoid manual typing for name, address etc. It is just one click deal for adding new contact. Just ask your partner to scan QR-code with MECARD.

It is used in mobile services. See for example widget для Opera. Widgets can save data in the own memory, so you do not need to type them again. It is very important to highlight that we do not need any external server. All your contact info is actually saved in your phone.

HTML5 lets us implement the similar approach. There is so called local storage, so we save typed data right in the mobile browser. This feature is actually a key element for our new mobile web application: MeShare. Here is the mobile URL:

You can use also the following QR-code:


The schema is transparent. Type your contact info:

And now you can get QR-code. This code could be scanned right from your phone. Business card 2.0:

For the second call you do not need to type your data again. Just open that page in your mobile browser (e.g. from bookmarks) and get QR-code.

P.S. and here you can get more tools for MECARD

P.P.S. and here is our QR-codes FAQ and how to

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