Thursday, February 17, 2011

A new approach for advertising in social networks

Our project QRpon has been updated. It offers a new approach for advertising in the social networks.

Qrpon is a specialized CMS that lets any business create a mobile web site for delivering coupons, gifts, discounts etc. And mobile users will get benefits in exchange for posting business related data (business-defined info) in the social network.

For example, mobile site that offers some discount for a particular product. Mobile user enters web site, accepts an offer, confirms his/her Facebook ID and some business related data will be post on his/her wall. In exchange for this post user will get a confirmation screen that could be presented to the business staff as a confirmation for benefits claim.

No special registration, no downloaded applications. Just a mobile Internet. Any HTML5 browser (iPhone, Android, Samsung etc.).

And mobile site could be easily presented on-site with QR-code. It is also created by our CMS (here the name QRpon comes from).

So why business should deliver benefits in exchange for Foursquare checkin for example? Why do not create own "checkin" site and deliver benefits in exchange for posting business-defined data (not Foursquare-defined)?

You see also the following article – how to pay by posting in Facebook.

P.S. By the way, technically mobile site can show responses (coupons, discounts) depends on the size of user’s social graph ...

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