Friday, December 10, 2010

Mobilize your data

Our mashup QR code maker has been updated. It is probably the simplest way for getting your content to mobile web. Simply copy-paste any text and service will create for you:

- a mobile web page with this content (landing page)
- QR-код for the fast loading that page right into your mobile browser
- HTML for publishing this QR-code on your own site (blog etc)

And of course, you can simply print QR-code and stick to the some real object.

You can publish any text with this mashup. For example, in the simplest case you can just publish a link (URL). And QR code generation mashup will prepare for you a page for the mobile downloading.

Mobile pages created with service include social buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Emai). So the content on the mobile page could be simple published to Twitter and/or Facebook for example. From this point of view mashup’s functionality could be explained so: create QR-code for publishing to Twitter (Facebook).

P.S. you can see all QR-code related tools on the dedicated page: QR code how to

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