Saturday, November 06, 2010

mod_pagespeed filters for Java servers

mod_pagespeed improves web page latency by changing the resources on that web page to implement web performance best practices. Each sort of change that mod_pagespeed makes is embodied in a filter. The filters are run in a pre-defined order, but can be enabled and disabled in the Apache configuration file. Here is the list of filters from Google.

Interesting, that many of the tasks could be solved for Java servers (e.g. Tomcat) with the help of controls from Coldbeans. Just a few of examples:

- Extend Cache - Public cache filter
- Collapse Whitespace and remove comments - Trim filter
- embed image via Data URI: Embed Image taglib

etc. Check out more at Coldbeans site


Anonymous said...

Some of my concerns about using mod_pagespeed - mod_pagespeed — why so hasty just yet?

Simon Tiffert said...

Long time caching is great, but what about getting new resources to the browser, when e.g. an image changes? Do you have a version number in each resource file?

What about Data URIs in IE6 and IE7?

Yes, you could improve your projects, but at which cost?

My recommendation: Proxy your Java container with an Apache and mod-proxy-ajp/-http. mod_pagespeed works really well (if you don't use https).

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