Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where are you now?

It is the most popular question in the mobile messaging. 600 billion per yer - more than impressive digit. For servicing such kind of requests we offer Geo Messages approach. It introduces a new way for sharing location info data in mobile networks. This approach could be used as a base for many mobile services. You can find many of them on Geo Messages page. Let us describe a yet another service.

We have a simple application Geo Mail. It lets users send mobile email with location info in the signature. It is mobile web application (HTML5), you do not need to install any code. It is enough to know service URL only (e.g. keep it in the bookmarks).

But what about the following use case? You need to know somebody else location but he/she has not this URL (unaware about that service). A very simple solution – let us send him/her a link to Geo Mail. So as soon as our message is received our target party will be able to respond with location info via email. Of course if he/she decided to do that. So by this way we are also solving privacy issues – it is completely up to target party respond or to not to location info request.

It is exactly what our new mashup Where are you now is doing.

It is mobile web application (HTML5) that lets you send a request for location info to any user with know email address. Short URL for access is:

You can also use the following QR-code for loading:

Check it out with your iPhone, Android or Samsung

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