Monday, May 17, 2010

Geo Messages - a new way for sharing location info

Coldbeans Software implements a set of mobile web mashups (HTML5 applications) that provide a new way for sharing location info sharing - Geo Messages.

Rather than let social network monitor your location (Google Latitude) or share your location info with some social circle (Foursquare check-in etc.) Geo Messages approach lets you share location data on the peer to peer basic. You can share your location info as a signature to the standard messaging (email, SMS). And what is important – shared location data (map) does not contain your identity. Your ID (name, phone) is in your email (SMS) only. The shared map does not reveal anything.

Sharing location info via the social network is not only a privacy issue. Very often it is signal vs. noise issue – most of the user’s circle in some social network is simply not interested in his/her location. And peer to peer sharing obviously solves this problem – your location data go to the interested party only.

600 billion text messages per year in the US ask "where are you?" - quote from Location Business Summit 2010. And Geo Messages offer a simple (one click) answer.

You can get mobile links right here:

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