Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tweet Street View

Mashup for Google Street View and Twitter – Tweet Street View. Drive with Street View and see tweets nearby. You can see Street View and either an appropriate map or a list of Twitter messages nearby. So you can read the latest real-time news for the places you are in with Street View.

By default mashup shows some predefined sites and you can see your own location. Just pass your latitude/longitude pair to the URL: http://tsv.linkstore.ru?lat=YOUR_LATITUDE&lng=YOUR_LONGITUDE. E.g. drive through El Camino Real

Technically it is Google Street View (via Gmaps utils) + Twitter search + several mashups from our directory.


Anonymous said...

OK - I can see the Street View and a bigger map in the same window but what I would like to see is that I give a route, two addresses and the street view will 'automatically' drive from one address to another... Do you have that? :-)

Coldbeans software said...

Ok, let us see ...