Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Post geo data to your blog

Many modern blog platforms (most of them actually) let you publish data by email. You can just send email to some service address and platform transforms it into a new post. For example, in Posterous you can send data to post@your_blog.posterours.com, in Friendfeed it is share@friendfeed.com, in Blogger you can set address in Settings->Email&Mobile tab etc.

A new mashup Geo posts lets you create a personalized mobile web application for posting geo related data to your blog. Just set a service email address in the form below and get a link to mobile web application for iPhone, Android or S60 platform. This web application lets you email new postings right from the map - just click on the draggable marker presents the location. And application automatically adds to email a link to the location. So your posts will have a direct link to some map. It is probably the easiest way for sharing locations, write about some check-ins, lets your readers to see the place you are writing about etc.

This mashup is a part of our Geo Messages suite. And here is a full list of our mashups

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