Wednesday, December 23, 2009

From web to mobile

Let us present one tool lets you copy data right from the web pages to your mobile. It is about transferring web content to the phone. E.g. you are going to copy address info, scheduling, driving directions, prices in the shop etc. published on some page to your mobile phone. How to do that?

In general the idea is very simple. As soon as some text for saving is selected we can create on the fly a mobile page with this text. And that mobile page could be transferred right to the phone via QR code. So right on our phone we will get a mobile web page with the text selected from the web. Now we can bookmark that mobile page in our mobile browser and use it any time we need that info

Let us show it on the practice. We will use QR code maker mashup for creating a mobile page:

1. Just select any text fragment on this page

2. Click on the link below:

Copy to mobile

3. Your selected text will be passed to QR code maker mashup and just in one click you will be able to create a mobile page as well as an appropriate QR code.

4. And for the future usage you can save the link above in the bookmarks (actually, this link is a bookmarklet). So this web to mobile service will be available for any opened web page.

You can get more useful bookmarklets here

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Tommy Chheng said...

i made a similar app called pastedroid for android users. you can copy text to (or use the bookmarklet) and access it from your android phone.